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Unpleasant Feelings: Origins and Experience

How do our emotions arise?
Do they come 'built in' like instincts?
Can you really reset unpleasant emotions in just 90 seconds?
Join us to discuss strategies for understanding dealing with unpleasant feelings. We will be looking at the work of Dr Joan Rosenberg, and the work of Dr Lisa Feldman Barrett.

Rosenberg is the author of '90 Seconds to A Life You Love', and creator of what has been referred to as 'The Rosenberg Reset.' Feldman Barrett is cutting edge neuroscientist, who has recently proposed ground breaking theories about the nature and origin of our emotions.

We believe that a combined  view of the work of these two renowned scientists will help you to look at your emotions in a new way, helping you to become more effective and resilient.

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  • TUE
    06 DEC
  • 07:00 PM

06 December 2022 Tuesday, 07:00 PM GMT

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About This Event

In this event, we'll be talking about why our historic view of emotions is not strictly true, and why we need to upgrade our understanding of the control we have over them. We'll also look at why we try to resist unpleasant feelings so much, and why this is not nescessarily the best strategy. We'll explore some of the factors that go to make up this resistance, and some information that can help us to work through it.
Come along ready to hear and share thoughts and ideas about this process, with other like-minded, curious, individuals!
We recommend watching the following talks prior to the session. 

Your Hosts

This session will be hosted by NeuroDevelopment Institute Co-Founders, Deirdre Morrison and Gabriella BenkÅ‘. 

Deirdre Morrison

Gabriella BenkÅ‘