Brain Awareness Week: Brain Optimisation - The NDI Healthy Brain Buffet for

Tuesday, 14 March 2023
12:00 PM GMT


Webinar Session has ended now.

Your brain is your most energy expensive organ, consuming 20% of your total metabolic energy. For peak mental performance and fostering well being, we need to balance the choices presented to us in the buffet of your everyday life.

During this event, you’ll discover the ingredients of a healthy brain platter and raise your awareness about the state of each ingredient in your own life right now. This will help you make choices in your everyday life that will help you optimise your brain energy levels.

These better choices will help you avoid mental fatigue from the daily grind, better manage stressful situations, make better decisions and boost your creativity. When you experience high brain energy levels, you connect, collaborate and communicate with people better and it also increases your own satisfaction with your relationships. 

Your hosts for this session will be NeuroDevelopment Institute Co-Founders, Deirdre Morrison and Gabriella Benko.

Together they will present some key information that will help to glean insight into the working of our brains and inner lives, and also guide you through some exercises to help get to grips with what this information means in our daily lives.