Brain Awareness Week: Helpful Models For Understanding Emotions

Tuesday, 14 March 2023
07:00 PM GMT


Live Webinar Session has ended now.

We all experience emotions, in different ways, and to different effects. In this session, we'll discuss some interesting models for understanding and working with our own emotions, and those of others.

A 'model' is a way of looking at something that can be overwhelmingly large and overpowering, such as our emotions. The models are ways to break down these aspects of our experience into more manageable chunks. 

These models are tools that we use in our work with our own clients, and in our every day lives, so we can verify that they work! 

Your hosts for this session will be NeuroDevelopment Institute Co-Founders, Deirdre Morrison and Gabriella Benko.

Together they will present some key information that will help to glean insight into the working of our brains and inner lives, and also guide you through some exercises to help get to grips with what this information means in our daily lives.

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