Brain Awareness Week: The Neuroscience and Navigation of Unpleasant Feelings

Thursday, 16 March 2023
01:00 PM GMT


Webinar Session has ended now.

How do our emotions arise?
Do they come 'built in' like instincts?
Can you really reset unpleasant emotions in just 90 seconds?  

Join us to discuss strategies for understanding and dealing with unpleasant feelings. We will be looking at the work of Dr Joan Rosenberg, and the work of Dr Lisa Feldman Barrett.  Rosenberg is the author of '90 Seconds to A Life You Love', and creator of what has been referred to as 'The Rosenberg Reset.'

Feldman Barrett is a cutting edge neuroscientist, who has recently proposed groundbreaking theories about the nature and origin of our emotions.  We believe that a combined  view of the work of these two renowned scientists will help you to look at your emotions in a new way, helping you to become more effective and resilient. 

Your hosts for this session will be NeuroDevelopment Institute Co-Founders, Deirdre Morrison and Gabriella Benko. Together they will present some key information that will help to glean insight into our emotional lives, and also guide you through some exercises to help get to grips with what this information means in our daily lives.