Personal Growth Starts with Learning

Each and every member of the team here at the NeuroDevelopment Institute is on a personal growth journey.

We tap into our study of applied neuroscience to accelerate this journey, and we curate the lessons we learn along the way into handy, bite-size brain science, so you can benefit from it.

Understanding more about how your brain works, and what that means in day to day life, is what gives us greater choice, and enhances our potential, our effectiveness, and our happiness.

If you'd like to
 - get regular curated updates
 - join us for interactive and informative events,
 - integrate applied neuroscience into your personal growth journey
 - access to private community on our dedicated platform to continue the conversation
then we invite you to consider our micro-membership.

Fees from our micro membership help us to support volunteers and community groups who are making a positive contribution to areas like mental health, inclusion, and humanitarian aid. 

Bulletin and Private Community

Get our top pics, tips, and pointers in this curated news letter, with our favourite neuroscience news, and stay connected on our private platform. 

Brain Awareness Week

Access to  Brain Awareness Week events.
Tickets available separately at £40.00

Insight Discussion Groups

3 planned events per year - meet and discuss with our team.
Available Individually at £4.50/event

Support Our Work

Help us reach and support volunteer and community organisations who are working with individuals and families in need. 

Package Value: £53.50  Membership Price : £24.00 p/a

Personal Membership


paid monthly by subscription

  • Quarterly curated bulletin
  • Private community platform
  • Brain Awareness Week Events
  • Insight Discussion Groups
  • Support Volunteer Workers