Be the Village

Taking Action is an Important Way to Combat Helplessness. Facing what seems like a bleak future, full of uncertainty, it is more important than ever.

As I watched a video on social media, with teen after teen in the Ukraine say "My name is Olena" or My name is Max", it was driven home for me, yet again, that any one of these kids could be my daughter. 

It's heart-breaking to watch this kids trying to come to terms with what's going on in their homes and cities. 

It's heart-breaking not to be able to offer them the shelter and protection they need. 

And it's easy to feel helpless in the face of bombs and missiles. 

But we're not. 

This is why the team here in the NeuroDevelopment Institute have collaborated to create something that can make an impact for good both in the long and short term. 

But we need as many people as possible to act with us. We can amplify our action by working together. 

Our concept is simple. We are dontating time to help you upgrade your brain's OS. So, if you want to 

  • get more clarity
  • relieve stress or anxiety
  • have better work or personal relationships
  • be more creative
  • understand and master your emotions

Someone I know recently asked "Learning - and our brain's neuroplasticity - is one of the most magical things about our existence."

The answer, I believe, is a fairly simple one despite its overwhelming ramifications. 

We do not understand ourselves well enough. 

We feel and think and believe, but  - whether as collectives or as individuals - we often fail to ask why we do so. 

This is where the work that we do here at the NeuroDevelopment Institute fits into the picture. 

We help people understand their thinking with tools and techniques that reflect how the brain works. 

We don't just listen, or do talk therapy, or put a band-aid on your psyche. We give you a deep, life-changing understanding of your inner world, and how every single one of us can make an impact when we use this understanding. 

So, we're offering you the opportunity to 

  • learn more about your actions, reactions and interactions
  • get to grips with unruly emotions and feelings
  • learn more about how your most important bit of kit can be upgraded
  • take action and feel less hopeless in a confusing and overwhelming world
  • donate much needed aid to those displaced by the conflict in Ukraine, in a win-win format 
  • invest in yourself, and a better world

This is an incredible win-win. We hope you'll take advantange of it, and help us deliver the change that each of us - and the world - needs.