Voluntary Organisation? Community Group? Small Charity? 

You're Doing Amazing Work. We Want to Support You.

When you're supporting people, sometimes it helps to have a little support! 

Many volunteers working with those most in need, need some support themselves!

Quite often, the work you do is energetically and emotionally depleting. Your dedication and determination pulls you through, but sometimes, you wonder if it's enough for the long haul.

We can help you discover applied neuroscience techniques that can
- build your emotional resilience
- enhance your understanding of the human brain
- help you to avoid burnout

We invite you to get in touch and apply for our free 1-1 coaching sessions that we offer to the voluntary / community / non-profit sector. Drop us an email to [email protected] telling us a little about your mission and the people you help.

This is a limited availability initiative. Where possible, we'll connect with you by e.mail and match you with the most suitable member of our team.

All our team are qualified, accredited and certified coaches. We contribute our time as a way of supporting people doing great work, according to our mission of creating awareness of brain science, and evoking global change.

Our professional specialisms include applied neuroscience, leadership and creative thinking.

Apply by e.mailing [email protected]