Deirdre Morrison

NeuroDevelopment Institute Co-Founder

Accredited Coach
Certified Neurotransformational Practitioner
Faculty Member, Association for Professional Coaching
WBECS Speaker
Founder NeuroCreative™ Studio
Award-winning host, Ambition Incubator Podcast

Deirdre Morrison graduated with a degree in Art and Design, which was a stepping stone on her lifelong journey with ideas, insight, and learning. Early career experience includes the arts sector; public relations and communications; commercial photography, and craft businesses.

Deirdre has worked extensively in helping emerging entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to develop their skills and confidence through group and individual coaching.

Additional interests include the Japanese sword art of Kendo and recreational road cycling. 

Building on her passion for creativity, ideas, and entrepreneurship, Deirdre works with individual clients and teams in the NeuroCreative™ Studio. She blends applied neuroscience coaching techniques and neuroeducation to help her clients achieve greater understanding of how their brains work, and what this makes possible for them.

She founded the NeuroDevelopment Institute to create greater understanding of the human brain on a global level, and build bridges between various levels of interest in this sphere, including practitioners, researchers, and end users.