The world is a crazy place to navigate these days.
As if the massive changes brought about by the pandemic weren’t enough, now we’re facing another era-defining crisis in Europe.  

And all the while, we’ve got to perform in our jobs, maintain relationships, remember to look after ourselves, and try not to get sucked into the circus that is our 24/7 connection to social media and news channels.  

It’s not surprising that people are feeling overwhelmed.

We’re on a spin-cycle of feelings - all the emotions keep hitting us .
 In a single day, you could easily feel  

  • Irritable cos you didn’t sleep well    
  • Stressed cos 3 people on your team are off with Covid
  • Gob-smacked that daffodils still know how to flower in this crazy world
  • Guilty that you’re just getting groceries while people are being bombed out of their homes
  • Angry that fuel costs are so high
  • Happy and excited to see your friend that you literally haven’t seen since before lockdown 1
  • Anxious cos your kids could be inheriting a Europe at war
  • Exhausted and numb just from trying to keep it all going
Can you relate to even a few of these?

It can be so overwhelming.

Very few people are at their best with all this going on. Most people are just trying to hang in there, swaying in the uncertainty, like autumn leaves in the breeze - not knowing what gust will take them away.

How can we feel safe enough to relax our heightened stress response in this day and age?

It’s easy to feel like we’ve got no control. 

But we do have control!

We have far more control than most of us realise.
An important key to using this control is recognising and understanding how our brain is working with all the things the world is throwing at it. 

 Here’s an example. Our brains have networks known as the Default Mode Network (DMN) and  the Task Positive Network (TPN).

Now, the interesting thing about these is that they can’t both operate at the same time. So, the DMN is our ‘resting’ brain state. (The clue is in the name!). This network roams the timeline, taking our imagination into the future and back to the past. This is all well and good if we’re experiencing positive or helpful emotions, when DMN can help us experience feelings like anticipation and warm nostalgia.
Of course, when our brain is already carrying an emotional load that tells us that we are under threat (such as a pandemic, or war in Europe… or even rising living costs), then that flips to a less positive outlook, and starts to lean towards rumination and worry.  

So, knowing as we do, that if we move ourselves into TPN, that our rumination and worry can’t be activated, what are our options? 

Well, taking action is one.
TPN likes is good at doing something. It likes something to work on.

And that can be as simple as a mindfulness exercise.

Or it can be joining forces with others participating in something bigger than ourselves.

Actually, this is exactly how we came up with our plan for action in the face of the current humanitarian crisis.

None of us here at the NeuroDevelopment Institute wanted to sit and watch the world fall apart.

But what can any one do? What would make a difference?

We’re still a small team. But we know we’re stronger together - and you can be part of our team by joining our membership, to raise funds so that we can give people much needed tools and resources for themselves too.
It’s a classic win-win.
You get to upgrade your toolkit and brain know-how, to enhance your resilience, emotional insight, creativity and more AS WELL AS directly contributing to the humanitarian aid needed on the ground now, and we get to change lives for the better, doing the work we do best.

Time and time again, we’ve seen people use these tools to help them find their way through the craziness, and be happier, more productive, more resilient and less anxious.  
The tools and information we use are based on up to date scientific research, and if you’ve got a neurotypical human brain, then yes, they’ll work on you.  You do have to be human. Sorry.

Not only that, but these tools will help you understand the people around you better too.   And most importantly, we know that people who have these tools in their own hands will go on to make the world better too - every action, reaction and interaction has the potential to spread ripples of good through the world.  
It’s a multiplier effect.  

When you complete your booking form, you'll be contacted directly by the team member best suited to your requirements.

You'll select a date that suits you and make payment online, and all the information you need will be sent to you. Your donation will be sent to the Red Cross to help their relief efforts on the ground.

Our sessions are run online, so as long as you’ve got a quiet spot, and an internet connection, then you’re good to go!

You can pick a professional or personal topic that you'd like to work on or gain some new insight  around. You'll be guided through this using tried and tested methods that will give you access to new ways of thinking and innovating your approach.